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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Our 2nd year in review: keep flowing!

Another round around the sun, another term ended, and here we are still moving on. A lot of things happened since this team was created, and many of them last year. Here’s a quick review of what we did:


Let’s start with one of the best experiences we got the chance to share as a team. We had the opportunity to visit the northern hemisphere to meet our friends at Vaadin’s main HQ.
While we were there, we shoot some awesome pictures, visit some interesting places and had the amazing chance of getting to know all of the experts behind the company that is responsible for this great open source framework.


Talking about Open Source, we continued to support our community, and created a special section in our web site to group all of the projects that we maintain.
We worked hard to develop a bunch of interesting projects, giving away our best effort to make them production ready, so anyone can use our technologies in their projects, and participate with us actively so they can improve over time.
One interesting project to mention, was a small PWA application that displayed the results of the Football Worldcup in real time, showing how to integrate several technologies, so similar projects can be built using this a kickstart.


Delivering intelligence is not an easy task if you don’t find a way to expand your knowledge. We take this statement seriously: we schedule one learning day each week, so we can watch, learn and discuss about many technologies, methodologies, frameworks, languages, etc.
Here’s a list of the subjects and some interesting links for you to watch if you’re curious:


Having the opportunity to learn, and code, one final step is to share some of this knowledge, so we wrote some interesting articles about specific subjects, here’s a short list:


But that is not all. We organized a talk in one of the most important universities in the area: Universidad Nacional del Litoral.
The chosen topic was to explain what is all the fuzz about Vaadin 10 and Web components.
You can find more information about it in our blog.


We finished some interesting projects for new customers, growing our portfolio. Here is a summary of them, but with the promise that we will expand these experiences later in our site:

  • We continue working as consultants for big medical software implementations in U.S., and also giving technical and architectural support for big companies all around the globe.
  • Full SCM implementation for a customer in Colombia, that involved the installation and configuration of several servers, testing the entire stack, training several areas and finally taking care of every detail while going to production
  • Development support for a big application related to job openings, of a customer from Buenos Aires, that involved working with email marketing campaign tools and invocation of REST-APIs
  • Vaadin 7 to 13 migration, of a web module of an ERP software of a company from Rosario - Argentina


We continued sharing everything in our social networks, now you can find us in:

So that’s it, we are really happy with our results, so let’s finish with this quote from Albert Einstein:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

In our case we will keep flowing. Thanks for reading!

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